Association for Computational Learning

The Association for Computational Learning organizes the Conference on Learning Theory, which is the leading conference on the theory of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


The primary mission of the Association for Computational Learning (ACL) is to advance the theory of machine learning, primarily through the organization of the Conference on Learning Theory (COLT; formerly known as the Conference on Computational Learning Theory). This conference has been held annually since 1988, and it has become the leading conference on learning theory. COLT maintains a highly selective and rigorous review process for submissions and is committed to publishing high-quality articles in all theoretical aspects of machine learning and related topics.

The membership of the ACL consists of the COLT attendees. Registered attendees of COLT become members for (about) one year: from the time of their registration for COLT until the beginning of the next COLT.

Board of Directors

The ACL makes all major decisions about the long-term future of COLT through its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of six Directors, each elected by the ACL members for a three-year term. Specific tasks of the Board of Directors include: selection of the COLT locations and organizers; selection of the COLT program chairs; election of a President; appointment of a Secretary, Treasurer and other officers; and maintenance of the website.

Officers & Directors