Assoc. for Comp. Learning

The general purpose of the Association for Computational Learning (ACL) is to advance learning theory by promoting the organization of the annual Conference on Learning Theory (COLT). The membership consists of COLT attendees. Registered attendees of a COLT conference become members for one year: from the beginning of that COLT until the beginning of the next one.

The ACL makes all major decisions about the long-term future of the conference and selects a Board of Directors. All decisions are made in the annual meeting of members at the COLT conference (the “COLT business meeting”). The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the Association. The Board consists of six Directors, each elected for a term of three years.

Specific tasks of the Board include:
– selection of the COLT conference locations and organizers
– selection of the COLT program chairs each year
– election of a President
– appointement of a Secretary, Treasurer and other officers
– maintenance of the website.

Steering Committee