Paper Awards

Best papers

  1. Non-stationary Reinforcement Learning without Prior Knowledge: an Optimal Black-box Approach, by Wei, Chen-Yu; Luo, Haipeng
  2. The Min-Max Complexity of Distributed Stochastic Convex Optimization with Intermittent Communication, by Woodworth, Blake E; Bullins, Brian; Shamir, Ohad; Srebro, Nathan

Best student papers

  1. Stochastic block model entropy and broadcasting on trees with survey, by Abbe, Emmanuel; Cornacchia, Elisabetta; Gu, Yuzhou; Polyanskiy, Yury
  2. Optimal Dynamic Regret in Exp-Concave Online Learning, by Baby, Dheeraj; Wang, Yu-Xiang

Best papers runners-up

  1. Online Learning with Simple Predictors and a Combinatorial Characterization of Minimax in 0/1 Games, by Hanneke, Steve; Livni, Roi; Moran, Shay
  2. Statistical Query Algorithms and Low Degree Tests Are Almost Equivalent, by Brennan, Matthew S; Bresler, Guy; Hopkins, Sam; Li, Jerry; Schramm, Tselil
  3. Improved Regret for Zeroth-Order Stochastic Convex Bandits, by Lattimore, Tor; Gyorgy, Andras