Thirty-fourth Annual
Conference on Learning Theory

4-5, 16-19 August 2021

Conference Format

COLT 2021 will be a hybrid conference with both virtual and in-person components. The virtual part will be held on and will be accessible using the following link with the email ID used for registration:

Authors will contribute a recorded talk, participate in a virtual poster session, and contribute a recorded lightning talk with live Q&A.

Plenary and invited sessions will have live talks. The lightning sessions will feature a re-play of the short recorded talk, along with a live Q&A from virtual and in-person participants. Authors may conduct their Q&A locally or remotely.

The conference will include opportunities for: experts to engage including poster sessions, recorded talks, Q&A, and informal discussions; showcasing the breadth of research in the community with proceedings and plenary talks; and community connection and socializing in both virtual and physical spaces.

The schedule can be found at this link, or by clicking on the "Program" tab at the top of your screen.

COVID-19 Precautions

We are putting the following precautions in place for the health and enjoyment of local participants as well as staff and volunteers:

You can also find information about local COVID-19 status.

See the Local Information page for information about travel and accommodations (e.g., block hotel rates), as well as some local tips.