Stochastic Approximation for Online Tensorial Independent Component Analysis

Chris Junchi Li , Michael Jordan

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Session: Stochastic Optimization (A)

Session Chair: Brian Bullins

Poster: Poster Session 4

Abstract: Independent component analysis (ICA) has been a popular dimension reduction tool in statistical machine learning and signal processing. In this paper, we present a convergence analysis for an online tensorial ICA algorithm, by viewing the problem as a nonconvex stochastic approximation problem. For estimating one component, we provide a dynamics-based analysis to prove that our online tensorial ICA algorithm with a specific choice of stepsize achieves a sharp finite-sample error bound. In particular, under a mild assumption on the data-generating distribution and a scaling condition such that $d^4/T$ is sufficiently small up to a polylogarithmic factor of data dimension $d$ and sample size $T$, a sharp finite-sample error bound of $\tilde{O}(\sqrt{d/T})$ can be obtained.

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