Registration Information

General Information

Register for COLT 2021 here:

The two options are (a) Virtual-Only Registration, or (b) In-Person and Virtual Registration.

For students, virtual-only registration is free and in-person-and-virtual registration is discounted. Students will need to upload documentation of their student status, which can take the form of their ID, transcript, or a letter.

There are no early registration periods this year. The only deadline is August 13 for in-person registration, as there is no on-site registration. Virtual-only registrations will continue throughout the conference, though there may be a lag between registration and access to the conference.

COLT attendees are also encouraged to attend the COLT 2021 Mentoring Workshop which will run in conjunction with other all-virtual COLT events. Fill out this form to register for free.

In-Person Registration

Due to COVID-19 precautions, we ask that only fully vaccinated participants come in-person, and we have additionally limited the in-person attendance to 200 people. We do not anticipate that registration will sell out very quickly, but we cannot guarantee tickets will still be available especially into mid July. Some in-person slots are reserved for authors (see below) until July 10, after which any leftover author slots will be added to the general pool.

There will be no on-site registration for COLT this year. The general pool for in-person registrations will close August 13 (anywhere on Earth).

In-person registration includes access to all virtual events. Please see the tentative schedule for more details on the in-person-and-virtual experience.


Each paper has one reserved in-person registration slot. Please check your email for instructions. We will ask you to fill out a form to indicate which of the authors will claim it, if any. That person will then receive a registration promo code to claim the ticket (and slight discount to clarify which ticket to select). Open problems will also be granted slots once those notifications go out.

Other authors are welcome to sign up for in-person-and-virtual or virtual-only registration through the general pool.

PC Members

Please check your email for a promo code offering a small discount as thanks for your work on the conference.