Conference Format

Zoom Meetings

All of the Zoom meetings for the conference are password-protected to prevent abuse. Each registered participant will receive (by email) a password that will give access to the Zoom meetings.

Session Format

Each session is divided into a plenary session and a poster session.

In the plenary session, each presenting author will give a short (1 minute) presentation of their work, followed by a short (2-3 minutes) question and answer period. The presentation order is prescribed in the individual session's page (see below).

After the plenary session (45-60 minutes total), the remaining time will be devoted to the poster session. Each author will have their own Zoom room dedicated to discussing their work, and participants can drop in to each room to ask questions.

(Note that the Open Problems session (OP) does not have an accompanying poster session.)

Business Meeting

Please join us Sunday 6:00 PM Paris time for the COLT Business Meeting to learn about and discuss this year's and future years' conference organization.

Coffee Breaks

Please join us between sessions for virtual coffee breaks (or happy hours?), by entering any of these Zoom rooms:

  • Break room
  • Break room
  • Break room
  • Break room
  • Student break room "Cappucino"


Do you need technical help with the conference? Please contact us (by email) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Zoom Czars for issues related to Zoom:

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