Updated schedule for Sessions 3A and 4A

A few papers from the fateful Session 1A have been rescheduled in Session 3A and Session 4A.

Baidu virtual booth

The virtual booth for Baidu originally in coffee break 2C has been moved to coffee break 2B. Please drop by the booth during the break!

New Zoom Links

Apologies for the snafu with the poster session component of Session 1A. We believe the issue has been resolved now.

The Zoom links for the poster session rooms and the coffee break rooms have been updated. Please reload the pages to make sure you are seeing the updated links.

Paper Awards

Best Paper Award

Proper Learning, Helly Number, and an Optimal SVM Bound by Olivier Bousquet, Steve Hanneke, Shay Moran, Nikita Zhivotovskiy.
Presented in Session 1B and Session 1D. Congratulations to the authors!

Best Student Paper Award

Reducibility and Statistical-Computational Gaps from Secret Leakage by Matthew Brennan and Guy Bresler.
Presented in Session 4A and Session 4C. Congratulations to the authors!